How Do I Get Started

Come along for a complimentary class - make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts and speak with a coach to complete a movement assessment and form. After the class, discuss the training options available with the coach. Alternatively, you are welcome to to watch a class before joining in yourself at another time.

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Training Options

A short program to learn the basic CrossFit movements and techniques and prepare you for joining timetabled classes.
Includes 2 sessions per week, for 3 weeks.
Speak with a coach about the next available Foundations Program start date.
Cover the foundations at a time and pace that suits you, whether faster to get into classes sooner or with more time to suit your personal needs. If you are happy to learn as you go, you can join the timetabled classes and be coached through new movements and skills in each class.
$140 (includes 6 sessions) From $80-100 per hour See Membership Options.

Membership Options

  • $70/week
Up to 3 sessions
  • $60/week
Up to 2 sessions
  • $45/week
Unlimited Off Peak (9:30am classes only Mon-Fri)
  • $50/week
3 Classes Off Peak (9:30am classes only Mon-Fri)
  • $40/week
Casual Class
  • $30

All membership options are via direct debit.
No joining fee or ongoing contract
Direct debit can be put on hold - Members must give minimum two weeks' notice and hold period is for a minimum of two weeks.

Further Training Options

  • From $80-100 per hour
    Contact us for more details

Personal Training with one of our coaches to work on a specific area of skill or technique. If you can't quite get there with a muscle up, lift, etc., this is for you.


By invitation only by a Trainer, a Saturday morning session programmed at an advanced level for athletes representing CFNH in competitions.

The Blueprint Programming

Speak with Coach Andrew Berridge about joining The Blueprint Programming: Athlete Performacne Training - for those who are ready to take their training to the next level with higher volume, in preparation for competitions

  • Packages Catered to Suit
    Contact us for more details

Professional athlete or weekend warrior? Regardless of your level we can help you improve your performance in your given sport through a variety of training methods from strength and conditioning to energy system training that is specific to your sport. Common areas that need specific improvement are:

Runners : Weak Hamstrings and glutes and tight hip flexors

Fighters : Poor anaerobic conditioning and explosive power. Shoulder, core and leg strength.

Rugby Players : Aerobic condition, strength and explosive power. Shoulder and knee issues.

Whether you are a runner, surfer, tri-athlete, boxer, rugby or soccer player we can help you. Available to individuals and teams.

  • Packages Catered to Suit
    Contact us for more details

Injury prevention and improved mobility is the goal. Our trained professional will take you through a postural and mobility assessment, followed by a detailed assessment on core strength, stability and TVA activation. You will receive a personalised corrective rehabilitation program based on the assessment outcomes that will complement and enhance your existing training program Whether you are new to CrossFit, post natal or a seasoned athlete this program is a must for anyone who wants to identify and improve any biomechanical imbalances and remain injury and pain free.

Nutrition , Lifestyle and Goal setting

Speak with Coach Julia if you are interested in nutrition and optimising your overall level of wellness, whether your goals are weight loss, improving performance through nutrition or general health and wellbeing. Coach Julia runs regular "Clean Eating' challenges for groups as well as personalised nutrition and lifestyle programs designed around your individual goals.